Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Festival Of Angels @ The Quarter, York

Every year the businesses of The Quarter in the centre of York put on the annual Festival Of Angels The streets in that part of York are filled with ice sculptures, snow falls miraculously from top floor windows, festive tunes fill the air and lots of tasty snap and sup is on sale. If it doesn't get you in a Chrimbo mood then I hereby award you with the Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma annual bah-humbug award for misery guts. If you can be cool in the crowds then York is lovely place to be in the run-up to Christmas. But then I think it's a lovely place to be all year round. Faults it has many, but it's home and I'm more than just a bit happy about that :-)

It always snows at The Festival Of Angels.

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Alex Bordessa said...

Thanks for these photos, Martyn. I only caught a glimpse of one of them as I went to work at a bar selling mulled wine, amongst other thing. By the time I came out again, it was all over!