Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's A Wonderful Life...

Few photos below of different bits of York street life which were taken this morning, the busiest Saturday of the year by all accounts. We were early enough to miss the craziest part of the day and got home before midday. This afternoon we took the dog on a long walk down by the river. It was deathly quiet and still, we hardly saw a soul. With the low-lying fog that is still cloaking the Vale Of York, it was all quite eerie, but peaceful and refreshing with it. The dog got reassuringly filthy and had to go in the shower when he got home. He's now curled up, whimpering in his sleep as he chases those dream rabbits. His sleep always looks really satisfying.

Tommorow we're going to repeat the walk and then we're off to a special screening of It's A Wonderful Life at the City Screen. There's a bit of a pre-film Christmas reception in the sky lounge . I'm going through my annual agonising about whether or not I'll make it to Mass over Christmas ;-) Christmas Day we shall be at my sister's house for the food onslaught which I'll spend the rest of the week recovering from. My family hold onto the perception that I'm a big eater based on what I was like as a teenager. In reality, I'm not that big an eater at all these days. In fact for a bloke I'm probably quite a small eater. That doesn't stop the usual "it's not like you not to have a massive fourth helping Martyn ? Are you ill ? Check his temperature ? He must be poorly..." You get the picture, I'm sure you've been there.
So I hope you all enjoy your festives, keep believing in happy endings and get plenty of confirmation that despite everything, it's still a wonderful life.
(apologies for the cheese, if you can't get away with it just prior to Christmas then you never can)

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Malcolm said...

As I said below, it was good to have this trip around York. The outing was much appreciated. You've also reminded me to get my vid of "It's A Wonderful Life" out of cold storage.