Saturday, December 30, 2006

Grubby pants, unturning stones and duvet days

The forecast for tommorow night looks like a load of grubby pants so we may well be forced to sit in and drink cheap cava whilst watching Jools Holland. I always used to like those traditional Scottish programmes you got on with country dancing, bagpipes and the like. We always had to watch them when we were growing up. It gave my mum chance to tell us about her tenuous Caledonianism and talk in an awful put-on Scottish accent. Even at 7 I knew it was a bit rubbish.
I'm neither a New Years Eve lover or hater. I'm kind of in the middle. Bi-bothered if you will. I can quite happily swing either way. You can find me at midnight on New Year's Eve with a party-popper in hand off my head on Babycham, kissing the nearest sentient being amongst the throng, or alternatively quietly tapping a slippered foot to Mantovani on the light-programme whilst knocking back a cocoa. It can go either way, and I'm never fussed which one of those outcomes prevails. Let them fight amongst themselves for my fickle attentions I say. In fact it's forecast to be dull all day tommorow so Rach and I intend on having a duvet day. No alarm, drinking loads of tea, reading the papers and eating toast.
The last few days I've been getting my head down with the book. This is getting boring now I know. I did hit a bit of a plateau round about mid-week but then pulled it round again in the last couple of days. It's been fair flying along today. 2700 words this morning no-less. I might see if I can get that over the 3000 mark. We're nearing the magical 30,000 word point which somehow feels significant, even if it isn't.
I did mention the other day that I'd lost weight over Christmas. I'm really pleased on that score as this time last year I was 13 and a half stone. I was a bit podgy it's fair to say. I've lost a couple of stone this year and feel loads better for it. Much more positive and happier in myself. I'm quite a vain person, I enjoy looking nice which is probably a bit crap and shallow but there you go. I've tried not being bothered but I just get down, the trick is finding a happy medium between complete crankiness and complete indifference. It's odd getting on into your thirties. I feel loads happier about myself these days than I did when I was in my twenties. I also have a much greater urge to try and sort myself out in areas where I know I've let myself down in the past. I'm now aware of the passage of time in a way I wasn't in my live forever years of my early twenties. This is a good thing, but it's uncomfortable at times. You start uncovering stones that have been left unturned for years and what you find is not always what you expected. Change is there to be embraced, experienced and enjoyed, not just tolerated so that's the spirit I'm trying to go forward in.
Have yourself a very happy Hogmanay and here's to new beginnings in 2007.

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