Monday, January 29, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

After a bit of deliberation I've decided to move my blogging activities across to my Myspace page. The reason being is that I've not really had the opportunity to do this blog much justice. I post little bits and pieces on my Myspace blog currently, nothing very interesting, usually pretty inane stuff about music or something I've seen on TV. It gets more readers than this blog so it makes sense I think to concentrate my efforts over there. I seem to have less time for this kind of stuff now so I thought it probably best to try and streamline what I'm doing.

Anyway, my Myspace page can be found at :

Martyn Clayton

I'm still blogging, still posting the usual rubbish, spouting off my half-baked theories on irrelevant stuff that rarely matters. Just that I'll now be doing it over there. If you've not yet got a Myspace page then you should go get one. It's a great forum for meeting new people, finding out about new music, events etc. I'm getting increasingly addicted to it.


Tara said...

It is hard to maintain two different outlets on the internet. I kind of fall apart with my blog on MySpace.

Glad to hear that your first chapter is finished, btw! Best of luck with the next, and see you in MySpaceland!

Martyn said...

Hey Tara !

It's actually the first draft of the whole book rather than the first chapter.

It is getting a bit difficult trying to keep the two up and running and I thought I'd kind of leave it as a "survival of the fittest" thing for a while. My myspace page generates more hits and interest than my blogger blog so that's where I'm going to be concentrating my efforts. See you in Myspace land and thanks for being one of the people who got me to sign up in the first place. I was sceptical about it for ages.