Friday, January 12, 2007

Lookielikies, my weird dream and doo-wop cabaret

Current Celebrity Big Brother decaying man, Leo Sayer and....

My mental old hound, Barney ? (See below for reference purposes)

I personally find it quite spooky. Nearly as weird as the time I encountered the haunted face of Ted Rogers, former presenter of 3-2-1, imprinted on a cream cheese and chive Pringle at a family buffet.

Thankfully, the dog hasn't started singing falsetto or dressing in a clown like manner. Neither does he have a deluded belief that he's up there with the Beatles and the Stones in the canon of British rock greats. They are a similar height however. Did Leo Sayer really say that when he came close to death a few years ago that his management told him that they thought they were going to have to tell the people of the UK that "they'd lost their boy " ? Now I'm not sure if I've missed something here. Wasn't Sayer a bit of an embarassing 70s pop-star or was he in fact the Buckinghamshire equivalent of Gandhi ? This needs to be cleared up. Maybe he really is the queen of our hearts ? Or was that someone else. Maybe I'm thinking of Graham Norton.
I had a weird dream last night that Francis Maude, whose some kind of Tory person, was murdering a beggar in the centre of York with his bare hands. I think this might have been prophetic. Thankfully I managed to stop him by hitting him over the head with my man-bag, which was ladened down with books from the library. In fact I ended up killing him but was pardoned by the authorities as he was a Tory and it was seen as public spirited. Really I did. Not that I'm advocating the bludgeoning of Tories with fully loaded man-bags, or indeed lady-bags for that matter. Although I don't think I'd object that strongly if you just wanted to knock one of the really nasty ones around a bit. If you do give it a go please make sure you post it on YouTube so I can see.
Have a great weekend. We're off to see The Sugars tonight at the salubrious York nitespot, Fibbers. If you fancy a bit of hardcore doo-wop cabaret, check out the vid below


Tara said...

There is some resemblance between Barney and the other guy, but Barney looks much better.

What exactly were you eating before you had that dream? It's just another reason why people should check out books at the library. You never know what or who who'll run into on the way home.

Have a good weekend! Enjoy The Sugars!

Alex Bordessa said...

But does Barney break out of your house moaning about lack of clean underpants ...