Monday, January 22, 2007

East Anglian Weekend

Just got back from an extended weekend of walking, eating, lounging about and doing quite a bit of work on the book. First draft should be complete by the end of the week. Not much time to blog properly at present but I'll be back in the next couple of days with more of the usual rubbish. The photo was taken during a walk on Mersea Island down in the deeps of Essex. Very Great Expectations I thought. Hope you're good.


beautiful day said...

I love that picture, i bet u had a beautiful time x the countryside calls today but unfortunately am stuck at work x

beautiful day said...

My other comment wouldnt go. I love that pic, its beautiful today, would love a long walk...its a shame to be just sat here for hours x

Martyn said...

Thanks very much for your comments :-)

It was a lovely walk. It's cold but beautiful here today as well. I'm stuck finishing off the first draft of my book so can't go far.

beautiful day said... comment did go on...soz. That vidoe was so funny. I love the sound of the Band x

Malcolm said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your well earned break - hope the draft goes to plan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martyn, just dropped by and found you. Good luck with the book. I see you're busy, but I would like to offer you and invitation to contribute to wofoblog.

This is a meeting place for bloggers from around the world. It stands for The World of Fabulous Bloggers! It's a bit of fun, as well.

However, on a matter of writing, there are some creative writers looking at contributing to there, and I'm encouraging that avenue of expression. I do hope you'd consider being a part of this new experience. The blog is being viewed by growing numbers of people around the world, and while it's only just started and needs a bit of time to get going, the idea is certainly being well received from the returned response.

It gives writers and creative artists especially the chance to bring their work to a new audience.

At wofoblog as a blogger you get your private publishing room and can post, edit, moderate comments etc however you wish. It's really set up just for the bloggers.

Best wishes,

ps.. I wonder what the painter JMS Turner would think of the photo here! Also.. there is a place at York called Fangfoss Hall.. do you know of it?

Martyn said...

Thanks for the invite. I will check it out properly at the weekend.

wofoblog said...

Wonderful and thanks in return, Martyn. I do hope you wish to contribute; perhaps old work to run again in a new audience, or experimental work; your photos, too - that photo to this post, for instance, is excellent. Will leave it with you, but thanks for considering.

(ps. That should of course be JMW Turner; a typo- apologies).