Saturday, November 11, 2006

Amnesty : protecting trafficked women

John Baker has been blogging about a current Amnesty campaign that is helping to raise awareness of the growing illegal traffic in women from poor countries to the developed world. Most are essentially kept as slaves in the euphemistically titled 'sex industry', i.e brothels, and are encouraged to come here with offers of non-existent jobs.

It is a modern day slave trade that is terrifying in it's scale and the misery is causes.


Sharon J said...

Hi Martyn. You might be interested in reading Debi's post on trafikking.

I agree. It's terrifying and we should be ashamed of ourselves for not doing more to stop it.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to post this all day and now I can't remember whether I actually managed or not (maybe I did but you haven't approved it yet?). Anyway, in case I didn't, here's a link to a post Debi wrote on this subject and that I think you might find interestibng.

Debi's post about trafikking.

Martyn said...

Hi Sharon

I've not been around much over the last few days due to having had a nasty cold, so I've not been up to date with my comment moderation.

Just been reading Debi's post. I'm wondering why we haven't signed the convention ?? What's controversial or problematic about that ?? How infuriating is that inaction...

I'm going to whizz off a couple of emails this afternoon having read that, one to Vernon Coaker and another to Hugh Bayley our MP for some further information about the government's stance.


Anonymous said...

You will post your findings, won't you, Martyn?