Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend in Suffolk

We spent the weekend down in Suffolk where Rach's folks live. We were there for our twice yearly get together of her side of the family. I know you're meant to roll your eyes and mutter darkly about your in-laws but I really like mine so I'm afraid I can't oblige. I feel quite lucky on that score having heard horror stories from friends. We all get along pretty well these days which makes life a lot easier and generally pleasant when you get together. In fact it was a splendid weekend of eating, drinking, catching up, playing with little ones and having a laugh. They're well sorted for top quality foodie pubs in that part of the world and we visited a couple, all on my cool dad-in-law who not only is very generous, but who is also a quality classical guitarist par excellence.
We're in the middle of a few busy weeks at the minute which makes a pleasant change. We're off on our travels again this week, more of which will be revealed later (don't get too excited, it's not that interesting) and following that it's my sister and brother-in-laws 25th wedding anniversary do, which for more reasons than just the obvious is something to celebrate this year.
I've had a lot of those sublime moments of insight of late into just how lucky I am really with the hand that fate has dealt me. I'm quite happy being me with the people I've got around me, living where I do and leading the life I do. I know it's not very cool to say so but I'm more than content with my lot. Which probably makes this blog not particularly interesting as I don't have much gossip to dish or cock-eyed rants to have, but I reckon I can live with that ;-)
We missed this years St.Nicholas Fayre here in York. We usually look forward to it, buy loads of rich food, prezzies and then decamp to the pub for the rest of the weekend to begin stoking up the festive spirit. I reckon the Suffolk weekend however more than made up for missing it this year. I've heard good reports and I wait to hear which minor celebs were spotted perusing the pork pies. You normally get one or two.
It's head down this week as I've got to try and get a weeks worth of work done in three days, so I probably shouldn't be wasting time writing this uninteresting nonsense on here. I'm still watching I'm a sleb, I'm still dancing round the kitchen to CSS and The Rapture. Have a dance today, it's good for the soul and burns off a few calories. As a former DJ I still like to see people having a groove.
In the post this morning was a flyer from Yorkshire County Cricket Club offering tickets for next May's test against the West Indies at Headingley. The leaflet was all sunny with stylised carnival scenes all over it. It's the weekend of Rach's birthday and my mind started wandering to sunny days sitting in the West Stand as the shadows lengthen across the ground, and the people around us start finding their voice. Two tickets have been duly ordered and I'm half way through winter already.

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Diane said...

This means our writing should be focused on sunny, spring days watching cricket too.We're always a few months ahead. But I do like winter so I try not to rush it.