Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fire in the disco

Not much chance to blog today. Rach is off so that means I am as well. We're going to try and get most of our Christmas shopping done this afternoon. Rach's family now have a no present rule and my side have instituted a cash limit for the first time so it shouldn't be too painful ;-) We normally leave it until the last minute and try and ignore the whole thing for as long as possible. This time round we figure the sooner we get it done, the sooner we can forget about it.
Then to reward ourselves we're going to have a cheesy night of sipping sickly overpriced alcohol from designer bottles whilst throwing some shapes in one of York's less than salubrious 'nitespots' . Every now and again it just has to be done...
(The photo by the way is of me the last time I ventured into a nightclub. I think you can tell everyone was quite impressed. )


Tara said...

Along with the dancing, the shopping sounds fun! What a great idea for your families to start spending limit rules! It takes some of the stress off of that part of Christmas. I'm all for that kind of thing. Have fun dancing up a storm!

Martyn said...

Hi Tara

Good fun was had by all ;-) Although, I'm now painfully aware that I'm not 18 anymore and that drinking & boogieing to 3 in the morning is not as easy as it was 14 years ago.

Shopping was surprisingly stress free as well.