Thursday, November 02, 2006

Writers Advice 1# - Dealing With Rejection

I posted this on my Myspace page a few days ago but thought I'd repost it here as I know I always used to be read by people who will surely relate to it's central thrust. It comes from esteemed book shop owner Bernard Black (aka Dylan Moran), who illustrates how the writer should handle the sensitive issue of rejection. I've always quite fancied the idea of having a small bookshop but Rach reckons it would be just like Black Books. In my worst moments I do exhibit Bernard tendencies it has to be said ;-)


Sharon J said...

Excellent! I don't smoke anymore but I can definitely do the wine and letter bit :-)

Martyn said...

I have in the past written responses not that far removed from Bernard's but never sent them. Writing them in the first place is quite cathartic :-)