Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sleeping on the sofa, Sheriff Hutton luminaries, Tories eating their words ,golf bores and modern day Robin Hood's

I've spent the past couple of nights camped out on the sofa in the front room. I've not been a bad boy, it's just my late night coughing habits are a bit of a nuisance for Rach so I thought it would be best to ensure that one of us at least got a decent nights sleep. The cough is still hanging around and it's getting to the point where I'm considering a trip to see the Doc. I try and avoid GP surgeries as much as possible, they're full of ill people, but this cough is dead annoying. So my continued quiet life continues quietly only punctuated by a rattle and the occassional sandwich.
I've learnt this morning that current participant in "I'm A Celebrity", the catty designer, Scott Henshall is a local boy. He spent his formative years in Sheriff Hutton, a fact which has not been missed by the local paper who sent reporters out onto the streets of old York to gauge the opinions of the populace about his performance. Opinions were mixed, but one woman concluded that despite the fact she's never watched the programme she was sure that Scott was "doing fine". With such a strong local vote of confidence he can only go from strength to C-list strength. Village historians in Sheriff Hutton though are nonplussed. They maintain that the most famous son of the village is in fact Sgt Major William Sharrow who died at the Battle Of Little Big Horn. That may be the case but I doubt he's going to be appearing in Heat Magazine anytime in the near future ;-)
Another thing I have learnt is that donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance following the Hammond guy's big crash at Elvington have enabled it to purchase another ambulance and have secured the service for years. I'm no fan of Top Gear. The thought of a group of menopausal middle-aged men in bad demin frothing at the mouth over silly cars has never been a very attractive proposition for an evening's entertainment. I always have an image in my head of the kind of people who watch it sitting in some golf club bar in the midlands, saying things like ;

"That Clarkson, he talks a lot of sense..."
"You're not wrong my friend, you're not wrong"
"How's your Pauline ?
"Very well, how's your Pauline ?"

In co-ordinating club polo shirts and slacks. But I can't say anything , I watch "I'm a sleb." Nice one Hammond bloke and his generous fans.

Still it's not a good day for the gobby middle-aged bores of the right-wing blogosphere. Today we learn that their nemesis, Polly Toynbee is being suggested as the woman who should be providing the Tories with inspiration for their social justice policies. Anyone who has had the misfortune to read some of the hackneyed arcanites of the blogging world will know that they like to reserve a special place in leftie-hell for Polly and her opinions, now she's going to be advising their party. Laugh, I nearly fell off my platforms. You always get the impression with their attitudes to Polly that their ire is provoked in no small part because a) she's slightly left of centre b) she's smarter and better paid than them, but most of all c) she's female...

Now she's the person the Tory party are listening to and the marginalisation of the golf bore fraternity continues apace. Never mind, there's always Clarkson.
The Tories new spirit of taking from the rich to give to the poor could probably take the Modern Day Robin Hood's for their inspiration. This group from Yorkshire walked around New York on Saturday handing out free cash to the passerbys causing mayhem and much jollity. That's modern art for you folks. It leaves you better off and with a smile on your face...

Watch the vid :


Diane said...

Sounds like you got the kind of cough I get. Get yerself to the doc's or at least get some Benelin (sp?) down you. Hope you're feeling better soon. And bravo for sleeping on the couch you wonderful man, you.

Alex Bordessa said...

Yep, you're a good chap for sleeping on the couch, Martyn. Fortunately, we've got a guest bedroom and that's where whomever is doing the coughing/sneezing/wheezing gets exiled. My last cough went on for three weeks, but wasn't as bad as yours, so I wonder if a visit to the Docs is in order for you?

I also note that the Yorks Air Ambulance chose to post do a charity bag colelction after Hammond's crash too. I've only seen a charity bag from them once before. Good on them for taking advantage of the publicity. Hammond also did 'Time Commanders' (sort of computer wargaming) which is where I knew him from; he was perky and amiable and I thought he was a good chap. I'm glad he's getting well.

Martyn said...

I've got some cough mixture now and it appears to be doing the trick. I have a bit of a coughing fit after I've taken my three spoonfuls then it clears for a good few hours , which is a definite improvement.

Yes, it's good news on the Hammond fellas recovery. Lucky to come away with his life after a crash at those kind of speeds. I heard all the sirens going the night of the accident.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I haven't followed "I'm a Celeb..." so haven't a clue who the local lad is.

I do, however, watch Top Gear. Not because I like cars and to be honest, I think it's ridiculous to fuss over cars that can do stupid amounts of miles per hour when we're not allowed to drive faster than 70 anyway, but I do think the programmes good comedy entertainment.

Oh well... there's no accounting for taste, eh?

Martyn said...

I have no taste whatsoever when it comes to TV. I have been known to watch Pimp My Ride, just because I find Westwood completely ridiculous. The son of a west country Vicar talking like he's from the Bronx is hilarious ;-)

Sharon J said...

Pimp My Ride? I must've led a very sheltered life!